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1983 Marcus Ave
North New Hyde Park, NY, 11042
United States


EPM is an environmental consulting firm, serving the NYC metropolitan area for over 25 years in hazardous material assessments, design, and abatement oversight.

NYS Parks

case histories


Term Contract

Hazardous Materials Consulting Services are provided under an Architectural/Engineering Services Term Contract with NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. The projects consist of the renovation, rehabilitation and/or new construction of State Park buildings and infrastructure. EPM tasks have included:

Robert Moses State Park Field 2 and 5 Bathhouses Comprehensive hazardous materials investigations were performed to locate and quantify all hazardous materials impacted by the proposed renovations for each structure. Environmental soils investigations around the existing USTs at each location were  also performed. For the demolition of Field Bathhouse 5, remediation design documents were prepared.

Caleb Smith Main House Fire Protection System Installation  EPM conducted a hazardous materials investigation of all accessible areas impacted by proposed renovation. No exploratory demolition could be performed at the historical structure. Remediation documents provided address the unidentified hidden hazardous materials during construction.

Roberto Clemente State Park Term Contract

EPM as sub-consultant has provided Hazardous Material Consulting services on four assignments to date as part of the New York State Parks Term Contract for Roberto Clemente State Park.

For the rehabilitation of various locations at the Activities Building, EPM performed a hazardous materials investigation and prepared remediation design documents.

The Aquatics complex rehabilitation  assignment included the investigation and remediation documentation of the  swimming pools, related pool equipment, and ancillary structures.

The Plaza Deck and adjoining building reconstruction required a hazardous  material survey including soils, fireproofing and plaster assessments, and several interior and exterior probes. EPM provided project oversight during the subsequent abatement, and prepared a closure report.

The Aquatics Roof Renovations included the removal of the HVAC components, and associated ductwork, required a hazardous materials investigation and remediation design documents as well.