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1983 Marcus Ave
North New Hyde Park, NY, 11042
United States


EPM is an environmental consulting firm, serving the NYC metropolitan area for over 25 years in hazardous material assessments, design, and abatement oversight.

Alexander Hamilton Bridge

case histories

NYSDOT - construction support services for alexander hamilton bridge

Environmental Planning & Management, Inc. (EPM), as a subconsultant to Ammann and Whitney, performed various construction inspection and oversight activities in support of the overall rehabilitation of the Alexander Hamilton Bridge: 

  •  Reviewed all contract drawings to determine areas of proposed excavation throughout project corridor.
  • Prepared Phase II Work Plan and performed Phase II investigation of areas proposed for significant excavation.
  • Reviewed laboratory analytical data for waste characterization samples collected by contractor.
  • Inspected contaminated soil excavations and load-outs on a regular basis.
  •  Reviewed contractor submittals and made recommendations for safe disposal, handling and transportation.
  • Reviewed final contaminated soil waste manifests from load-out.
  • Reviewed asbestos contractor’s Site Specific Variance request to NYS Dept. of Labor for asbestos removal.
  • Attended meetings with asbestos contractor and project engineers to delineate asbestos locations identified during design phase.
  • Monitored asbestos abatement when scheduled.
  • Investigated and sampled abandoned underground, concrete-encased orangeburg pipe for possible asbestos content.
  • Reviewed asbestos abatement submissions involving water main pipe and gas main pipe.
  • Monitored abrasive and non-abrasive lead disturbance which included integrity of containment, air sampling, and assessment of visible emissions.

Testing labs analyzed air samples collected during lead disturbance using EPA SW846 Method 1311 (TCLP-Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure), with lead analysis by EPA Method 7420.