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1983 Marcus Ave
North New Hyde Park, NY, 11042
United States


EPM is an environmental consulting firm, serving the NYC metropolitan area for over 25 years in hazardous material assessments, design, and abatement oversight.


case histories


Grand Central Terminal

As a sub-consultant, EPM performed an investigation of both suspected asbestos and lead containing materials in areas to be impacted by repair efforts to address water leakage at Grand Central Terminal. The project scope included the 45th Street Bridge, Park Avenue Viaduct, GCT Fa├žade and Balustrade, 42nd Street sidewalk and Vanderbilt Avenue.

Prior to field inspections, EPM reviewed several existing records including previous asbestos and lead survey reports.

EPM submitted a detailed survey report which included recommendations for asbestos and lead remediation.

Remediation design documents were prepared and several Site Specific Variances of Industrial Code Rule 56 Regulations were obtained for multiple site conditions. The abatement design included the development of abatement specifications, drawings and detailed cost estimates. 


Fordham Station

EPM performed hazardous materials surveys for asbestos, lead based paint,  universal wastes, and contaminated soils, in all accessible areas to be impacted by a planned widening of the northbound platform for the Fordham Station Capacity Improvement Project.

Existing asbestos and lead survey reports prepared by another consultant team were reviewed prior to collecting additional samples of suspected asbestos and lead materials. EPM also noted the location of fluorescent and high intensity discharge bulbs with presumed PCB-contaminated ballasts. Subsurface soil samples from an area adjacent to the existing platform were collected and tested for the presence of various organic and elemental contaminants. A detailed hazardous materials report was prepared and submitted.

Remediation design documents were prepared for the abatement of asbestos, lead and Universal Waste. The abatement design included the development of abatement specifications and drawings.


Harlem River Lift Bridge

EPM performed a Hazardous Materials Investigation for the Harlem River Lift Bridge Safety and Security Study. Prior to all field visits, EPM submitted Safe Work Plan.

The investigation included reviewing all existing data to determine the existence of hazardous materials to be impacted by this project. EPM has participated in two projects involving the Harlem River Lift Bridge: the Circuit Breaker House Replacement Project and the Cable Replacement project. For each project EPM conducted miscellaneous hazardous material investigations and prepared  hazardous materials abatement design documentation as needed. 

EPM conducted field surveys for asbestos and lead containing materials, contaminated soil, river mud, and universal wastes. Then EPM prepared a Hazardous Material Assessment and  provided hazardous material abatement specifications and notes utilizing MNR baseline specifications, as well as, applying for any site-specific variances required per specific executions of work.


North White Plains Station

EPM is currently providing third party construction oversight for the new  parking garage at the North White Plains station. Prior to the new build, the scope of work includes the demolition of the existing parking garage, utility building, and Nextel equipment shed. This project is generating wastewater, air discharges, soils, petroleum contaminated groundwater, asbestos, lead paint and other hazardous materials.

EPM tasks include: asbestos and lead abatement oversight, air monitoring for respirable dust and crystalline silica during demolition of garage.