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1983 Marcus Ave
North New Hyde Park, NY, 11042
United States


EPM is an environmental consulting firm, serving the NYC metropolitan area for over 25 years in hazardous material assessments, design, and abatement oversight.


DASNY term contract

dormitory authority of new York state

Term Contract

EPM is currently working on its third consecutive term contract to provide hazardous material consulting services on an as-needed basis at DASNY buildings and facilities in the greater New York City area. The work primarily involved asbestos investigation and abatement oversight, (additional services included mold and PCB related services), soil/groundwater investigation and remediation oversight, and wastewater sampling. 

Over 70 work authorizations are in progress or have been completed to date.  A partial list of projects include:

  • Brooklyn College CVD installation.
  • Voorhees Hall Basement HVAC ducts.
  • Court Officers Training Academy (COTA) Oversight.
  • LaGuardia College Façade Replacement.
  • Bernard Fineson Development Center Mold Remediation

Other services provided by EPM staff in support of this contract include attending pre-work meetings, reviewing of contractor submittals, daily status reporting, and preparing closure reports.


Coler Goldwater  Hospital

EPM has conducted numerous hazardous material investigations and abatement oversights throughout all four buildings at Coler Hospital located on Roosevelt Island since 2006.  

EPM work authorizations included:

  • Abatement Oversight for Roof Replacement and Façade Repairs at Building A,  Window Replacements at Buildings A and C, and Building A First Floor Chase in response to the Heat Generation Replacement Project.
  • Hazardous Materials Investigation, Remediation Design, and Abatement Oversight for Fire Sprinkler Infrastructure in both Buildings A and B and Fire Sprinkler Fit Out.
  • Hazardous Materials Investigation and Design documents which included Universal Waste, Asbestos, PCB caulk and Soil investigation in areas that would be impacted by the installation of the Heating System.

NYCCT Voorhees Hall

EPM provided asbestos, PCB and a universal waste investigation, design and abatement oversight in association with a façade re-cladding project. 

EPM’s scope of work included:

  • Review of all available information  regarding the presence/absence   of asbestos in buildings;
  • Review of client design plans to determine probable impacts;
  • Survey of areas to be impacted by the project for the presence of hazardous materials;
  • Preparation of assessment reports and abatement plans and specifications.  Also acquired a site specific variance;
  • Preparation of cost estimates;    
  • Review of Contractor Submittals;
  • Oversight during asbestos/PCB abatement;
  • Preparation of Closure Report.

Harlem Hospital Center

EPM provided a Hazardous Material Investigation and Design Services for the Harlem Hospital Demolition Project. 

The work included a preliminary site assessment to identify potential areas of contamination, followed by a detailed soil and groundwater sampling  investigation to better define the types and extent of contaminants potentially impacted by the proposed demolition activity.   

Design technical specifications, drawings, and construction cost estimates were prepared for the proper handling, transport, and disposal of contaminated materials, including soil, groundwater, and underground petroleum storage tanks.  EPM also designed the removal of several underground storage tanks to obtain closure for the NYSDEC Hazardous Material Spill associated with the tanks.